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The Ultimate Cloud Based Association/Organisational Management System

 Mition ( [ mish-on ] ) is the ultimate cloud-based Association Management System, this fully cloud based system is simple to set-up and run and includes everything required to a manage high volume/complex user databases for any type of organisation, all-inclusive for an economical monthly subscription fee. 

Mition levels the playing field. Give your organisation all the tools leading associations use daily for a tiny monthly fee.

Manage all your members in one place.

Unlimited users / staff from $199+GST per month.

You could use mition to :

- manage the needs of 1,000,000 members for a not-for-profit.
- and manage a volunteer staff network of 5000 staff
- and keep track of who has passed HR modules or sales training.
- all for $199.00 a month

Use your own domain name, control your own security groups and content, style your site to match your organisation's branding. Get started today! 

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It can replace up-to 8 other systems as it includes:

  • Website & Content
  • Mail & Campaign Marketing
  • Social Collaboration
  • Subscriptions & Renewals (online payment)
  • Training Programs & eLearning
  • Education (Any type e.g. CPD/4 year medical training/HR/Operational)
  • Custom Data & Adjustable Security
  • Helpdesk (for members and staff)
  • Completely Extendable via APIs

Features are being added to the list continually, as the system is always growing and adapting (see full features list)

"The product was easy to use and customise for my business. It makes web design and membership delivery easy with minimal fuss."

Alistair H.


The ultimate membership platform


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Member retention is linked to membership systems.

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Chat, Audio and Video Chat

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Shared application services

Shared application services; the future of cloud based applications.

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Secure and Private Membership Data

As we move our IT systems out of private networks and highly secure broom cupboards; we need to ensure that security and privacy of your organisations data is maintained.

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