Change log

 Version 1.0.113-4

Certificates and Badges are now available for completed programs. Users who complete all activities for a programs step will be allocated any certificates / badges awarded for that step automatically.

A new PDF Viewer feature was added so you can embed PDF documents on a webpage easily.

Version 1.0.112

You can now adjust the member since date on a member in the member editor, any changes will show in the history/auditlog.
Some new screens, Program Admin, Activity Admin, My Programs, My Activities, all passed first rounds of testing while we get ready for the release of the Education module later this week.

 Version 1.0.109 to 111

Infrastructure changes. Improved cache-busting (new versions will be rolled out on next page view without recursive loops) and Multi-region hosting support (azure front door implemented and central key management).

 Version 1.0.106 to 108

In the Members main search screen you can now cherry pick members and click "EDIT" and the system will allow you to move next/previous through those selected records.
The main left hand navigation is now present on every screen.
A bug with the Custom Table Data Editor was found and fixed (it was stripping characters from the start and end in some scenarios).
The education module is taking shape, you can now add levels and rules to programs.

 Version 1.0.105

Users can now update their credit card information without having to make a payment, this is a new setting called payment settings that users can self serve.

Version 1.0.104

Removed Regards [website] from many automated emails. Organisations can use the email template footer to put in a optional consistent signoff for the website now.

Date control issues with Safari, date popups and validation issues in various Safari versions has now been corrected across the site.

 Version 1.0.101-103

Improvements are underway for the new education module, new tables, new interfaces and other things.

In the latest version we have improved the Discussion webpart (you can turn any web pages into a social discussion for your members by putting this webpart anywhere on the page), you can now turn on / off swearing protection and your staff and members can subscribe to the discussion, so they get any notifications on updates whether they are online or offline.

 Version 1.0.100

Added download buttons (CSV) for payment, invoice and subscription pages. Note that the payment page also has quick filters for 7 days, 14 days, 21 days for quick reconciliation. GST was also not appearing correctly on the invoice list page which has been corrected.

Added a link to font awesome when editing document library for convenience. 

Document library now ensures you save the record before security can be added.

Google analytics setting in Admin Settings renamed (it was Google Tag)

Role Security for Documents was not linking users effectively, this has been corrected.

After password is changed, users are informed it was successful then redirected back to the dashboard. The purpose behind this is to be more useful for new users who are in the database but are logging in for the first time. This will then allow for the user to see any payment messages and also see what features they have access to.

 Version 1.0.97 - Usernames cannot contain spaces anymore, when creating users please ensure they have no spaces in the username, an email address or username without spaces is acceptable, every other character is accepted.

The document library now has more granular security, you can control which roles can add, edit, view, delete as well as who can administer the document library. Previously this only allowed administer, edit or view. So add and delete have been included now.

Version 1.0.93
- Statistics module now appears on all administrator dashboards. This was created so that you can get live site statistics and analytics of your own site. It shows how many users are currently logged in, total of all active subscriptions count, log count, how many files have been added (via any method) and total disk space being used (in Megabytes) as well as how many emails were sent out. Some of these include the ability to filter between specific dates.

Version 1.0.91

- Reporting module now appears on all administrators dashboards, which shows auto calculated weekly insights (new members, subscriptions)
- Beta statistics module released to help keep track of information around each site, number of users, files, filesizes and other essential items

Version 1.0.89/Version 1.0.90 -
Integration broker detects when a job is not started correctly and reports the error (as well as reschedules the job). There is now a /resetpassword/ page which is a nicer way to ask newly migrated users to setup their password for the first time (rather than lead them to the forgottenpassword page). 

Version 1.0.88 - Fixed a bug where the main menu would toggle open on mobile when selecting a user edit menu item. Also improved the Page Search component for mobile.

Version 1.0.87
- New carousel feature added, you can now add a carousel to any page and carousel any other web control. Use this to put 5 hero's into a single rotating carousel, great for any size element like alerts, cards.

Version 1.0.84

- Increased maximum default file upload to 1GB (for large videos for eLearning and conferences)
- Dashboard navigation can now be closed (if it is taking up too much space on the screen or in the way, users can dismiss it).

Version 1.0.83

- User profile images were showing as broken images on some admin pages. 

Version 1.0.82

- Mition Control launch! New product name.

Version 1.0.81
- Improved features for invoicing, you can now manage a separate logo for invoicing, although it is optional as it will default to your website logo if not provided. You can also put in a default invoice footer.

Version 1.0.80
- We have put additional tracking on all contact us / subscription fields due to increased activity from potential hackers recently. We can now track individuals in more detail to verify leads.

Version 1.0.79

- Webpage editing major improvements. Sample web components now appear when you change the component type. You can change an existing component type to another type without deleting and adding it again. When you change a component the webpage does not reload and keeps you editing where you last left off.

- The footer component background colour is now transparent and will take on the component background colour you select (it was permanently dark theme before)

Version 1.0.78

This version sees two new features:

- Keywords for members; members can now add keywords to their about me profile. If using the User Directory web part on your website, the members that appear in this section can be searched by keyword and the keyword appears on their user profile. We also added a notification email to the site administrator when a user changes their bio, as this is publicly available information, it needs to be ensured that the content meets guidelines. An approval process has been logged for this email as a possible enhancement, whether it be auto or manually set to approve changes.

- Reporting v2; alt new insights scheduled task runs weekly and collects information automatically. We can add new insights into all databases now and display them in the reporting module. The reports are not visible yet as they don't have enough information yet to be usable, we will release the reporting screens in a few weeks.

Version 1.0.77

This version has one new feature:

- Emails and SMS messages are sent to the site administrator while these are checked and it prevents users getting ALL emails and messages in a LIVE environment. Really only to be used when loading member data before going LIVE with a new site.

- All table filters have had a user interface improvement and you can now save advanced searches, so building reporting is now easier than ever.

Version 1.0.73

-  The User Invoice screen now has easy filters to find invoices not paid and 30,60,90 days late and it has an EMAIL button so you can send bulk emails to those users.