Member and Stakeholder management

 The essential integrity of your organisations’ data, full audit history, log of member changes. Maintain and create a full list of all membership types, active and inactive.
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 Create subscription types and durations, whether full foundation membership, paid monthly/annual access or free subscriptions (such as newsletter only subscriptions). 
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 Build an enterprise, always available modern website. Create amazing one page landing pages, resource pages and anything else you want to add. Secure pages using roles you create and assign to members. Here you have many components to create engaging content, including being able to re-create our online conference experience Read More

  Discussion Pages

 Add a discussion area for your members to any content webpage. This allows your members to provide comment and reply to other comments. Great for feedback on whitepapers or journals. Read More


 Send individual or bulk email messages, personalised emails using member data (like firstname, fullname). Email messages use a beautiful template so they look professional. Bulk emails include an unsubscribe link to help ensure you email lists are not listed as spam emails. Read More


 Create your organisations roles (staff and member roles) and add programs that you run (training programs, CPD, board of directors) and assign your staff and members. You can then allow access to certain pages and even provide dashboard icons to these pages for these users. Read More


Add programs that you run (training programs, CPD, marketing team) and assign your staff and members. This is an additional way to Roles to segment your user base. For example you may have a role for Trainees, but multiple programs such as '2020 Training Program', '2017 Training Program' which allows your organisation to categorise these users. Read More


 Create invoices for members, track payment, payment reference information and other details. We integrate with stripe payment gateway, the leading payment gateway on the internet 

Business Intelligence

 As our solution provides each organisation with their own Azure SQL Database, we can provide you read access, this works really well with a BYO Microsoft BI Reporting suite. It also provides you with the ability to run your own data extracts 

Open API

 If you have an IT Supplier that needs to connect other systems to read or update live data, use our complete 100% API solution, fully documented with examples available. Read More


Allow your members to raise helpdesk tickets, auto assign to staff members, send txt messages for urgent helpdesk tickets. This workflow tool helps to ensure all of your members requirements are not lost and are prioritised. Read More

Custom Tables

Create a place to store important information for your organisation, you can control who has access to view / edit and administer the data, access the data via API and via the built in editor.


Create directory of member types (based on Roles). Allow your members to connect and start discussions. Now includes chat and NEW video chat functionality. You can also make public directory listings for members who want to advertise their business / bio.

Custom Colours

Style your own site with custom colours and logo. You can also change the default logo for your email footer and invoice header. Read More

Document Library

Create unlimited Document Libraries with file upload / bulk upload feature, keep anything from secure internal documents to publicly available policies in the cloud. Share whole folders with specific groups including staff, members, board members. Share specific documents by providing secure links to these via the website. Read More

Education Module (beta)

Our first release of our ground breaking Education Module, for everything from HR forms to CPD and large multi-year complex training programs (for medical colleges and trades). We built it. Read More

Did you know all features are included in every package. Any questions?